2017 Rules

Thanks for registering for the 2017 Kewpee, I hope that you have a great experience this year.

If you have any questions please contact me at 419-233-5487.

You may pick up your packet on the morning of the event between 6:30 AM & 7:20 AM

We will be located at the Erie shelter house close to the Swimming Beach.

We plan to start the race at 8:00am sharp. We will begin to give out the door prizes at 7:30, when

the last door prize is given out we will begin the pre-race meeting to review the course and any

other pertinent information.

Body marking on the calf only it is used in case a bib would get lost.

The swim course will be in the Ottawa Park Swimming Beach and will start in waves:

Male Triathlon and Duathlon at 8:00, Female Triathlon and Teams at 8:05.

We will manually time the race this year.  We will also have 2 running clocks in the transition zone.

The overall top 3 for triathlon and duathlon will get their award in the chute or near the chute as electronic results are tabulated.

The age group awards and awards for teams will be mailed in mid September after we set the 2018 date.  This will give everyone a chance to review the posted results and ensure that everything is 100% correct.  If a person switches events or accidentally is entered into the wrong division it causes errors. 

Best of luck with your training, if you have any questions please either email me or text/call me on my

cell phone.


Daniel Grime


2017 Keeper/Lima YMCA Triathlon and Duathlon

Procedures and Helpful Hints:

・・ You may pick up your packet on Sunday at the park between 6:30 AM and 7:20 AM. 

・・ Parking will be prohibited in the transition area.

・・ Participants and volunteers may park near the Miami or Erie shelter, spectators will be asked to park near the Wyandot shelter or overflow areas.


・・ Swim caps will be provided in your packet and must be worn.
・・ Flotation and propulsion devices are prohibited.

・・ Swim goggles or facemasks are permitted.

・・ Wet suits will only be permitted if the water temperature is below 75 degrees F.

・・ You may hold onto a boat, lifeguard canteen, or rope if needed and tread water. If you get into the boat you will be disqualified.

・・ .


・・ Helmets are required and must be a hard shell helmet. All cyclists must wear a helmet or

they will be disqualified from the race.

・・ Helmet must be on and secured before leaving the transition area.

・・ Helmet must be secured until dismounting from bike.

・・ NO riding in the transition zone.

・・ You must obey traffic laws on the bike course; except where otherwise directed or indicated

by course officials.

・・ Traffic will be light but not controlled on a majority of the course. We expect moderate

traffic on State Route 81.

・・ Course will be marked with white arrows on road.

・・ You must dismount from your bike prior to entering the transition area .

・・ For your safety, headphones are not permitted.

・・ Please remember to stay clear of the transition area when you are not in transition.

Spectators and participants as well will be told to stay out of this area.

・・ Team members must tag teammate and are not allowed to hold bikes.

・・ Drafting is not permitted. The drafting zone is a rectangular area 8 yards long

and 3 yards surrounding each bike. For motor vehicles, the drafting zone is 15 yards to the side

and 30 yards behind a vehicle.

・・If we are able to secure marshals they may penalize you for 3 minutes while biking for violations.


・・ We will run on the bike trail from the transition zone and back.

・・ Run #1 (Duathlon) will turn around near the Ottawa River bridge.

・・ The 5K run will turn around on a concrete pillar on the railroad bridge.

・・ Remember this is a family event